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Ladies' Medal - 18th Oct

1st Jean Alterton - net 76, 2nd Anna Robertson - net 77

Ladies' Medal - 6th Oct.

1st Emma Norman - net 71 2nd. Pam Wallis - net 76

Ladies' Medal - 19th Sept.

1st Teresa Layton on c/b from Carolyn Morton net 74

Daily Mail Foursomes

1st Pam Hawes and Sandra Russell 2nd Penny Gilbert and Shona Kent

Ladies' Stableford 6th Aug.

The winner of Tuesday's Ladies 9 hole stableford was Jean Alterton with 23 points, 2nd was Sarah Oldham 20 points./p>

Ladies Autumn Meeting

The winner of the Ladies Autumn Meeting was Margaret Butt with 36 points, Ros Humphrey 2nd and Fiona Wood 3rd both carding 35 points/p>

Ladies' Medal - 30th Aug.

Winner of the ladies medal on Tuesday was Anna Robertson on countback from Pam Wallis and GailArnold all carding net 72. Winner of the Phil Potter scratch cup was Sarah Oldham - gross 83.

Ladies' Medal - 23rd Aug.

The winner of Tuesday's medal was Teresa Layton - net 74 2nd was Pam Hawes on count back from Brenda Softley - net 76./p>

9 Hole Stableford - 11th Aug.

Winner of Thursday's Ladies 9 hole stableford was Jean Alterton with 20 points, 2nd was Anna Robertson with 18.

Gold Crest

The winner was Pam Wallis with 35 points, 2nd was Brenda Softley with 33.

9 Hole Stableford - 31st July

1st Pam Wallis with 19 points and 2nd was Fiona Wood with 18 points.

Clarks Trophy

The winner of the Clarks Trophy was Viv Snushall on countback from Victoria Collett - both scoring 36 points.

Shorter Trophy

The winner of the Ladies' Shorter Trophy was Sarah Oldham with a score of +1

Ladies Garthwaite Cup

1st Jean McAuliffe net 73, 2nd Sandra Russell net 75

Pros prize - Ladies

1st Victoria Collett 32points, 2nd Emma Norman 30 points

Grannies Cup

The winner of the Grannies Cup was Pam Wallis - net 75, 2nd Sandra Russell net 76. The winner of the Non - Grannies Cup was Glenis Jones with 34 points, 2nd Jean Alterton 29 points.

Ladies Members and Friends Am Am

The winners were Sarah Oldham, Lydia Molyneux, Fiona Wood and Sandra Russell. 2nd Glenis Jones, Petra Meir, Brenda Softley and Teresa Layton.

Dunham Cup

Winner of the Ladies Dunham Cup was Emma Norman who won on count back from Teresa Layton both carding net 78.

Ladies 9 hole Stableford - 21st June

1st Pam Hawes 16 points, 2nd Ros Humphrey 15 points.

President's Day - Ladies

Lady winner of President's Day was Penny Gilbert 39 points, 2nd Emma Norman 34 points.

Ladies Long Handicap

The winner of the on Tuesday was Shona Kent.

Ladies' Medal - 9th June

1st. Fiona Wood - net 72, 2nd Teresa Layton - net 74

Medal - 2nd June.

1st. Emma Norman - net 74, 2nd. Ros Humphrey on c/b net 81.

Ladies 9 hole Stableford - 29th May

1st Pearl Moss 21 points, 2nd Emma Norman 18 (on c/b).

Ladies Medal 24th May

1st Jean McAuliffe net 80, 2nd Viv Snushall net 83 on c/b.

MacMillan Stableford

The MacMillan Stableford was won by Gail Arnold 37 points, 2nd Sandra Russell 36 points.

Ladies' Ping 4 Ball

The winners of the 2016 Ladies Ping 4 Ball were Lydia Molyneux and Sarah Oldham 41 points, 2nd Jo Rowlett and Teresa Layton 39 points.

Addie Sole Rosebowl

1st. Teresa Layton - net 82, 2nd. Penny Gilbert - net 85

Ladies medal 19/4/2016

1st - Sarah Oldham net 78, 2nd - Sandra Russell net 80

Ladies Coronation Foursomes

1st Brenda Softley and Teresa Layton 27pts, 2nd Shona Kent and Emma Norman 26pts (on c/b)

Ladies: Early Comps.

The first two medals of the season were won by Penny Gilbert and Glenis Jones and the winners of the two early season 9 hole Stableford competitions were Fiona Wood and Teresa Layton.

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