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March Golf Club Google Calendar
A Guide to Installing the March Golf Club “Live” Calendar

Traditionally, March Golf Club has issued an annual diary listing club events (matches and annual social activities). However, as the golfing year progresses, the printed diary does not reflect potential changes to any match/competition dates and times nor additional use of the clubhouse for such things as wakes and private functions. Of course, changes to matches and competitions is always made as a last resort, but it is inevitable that amendments will happen from time to time. The Club’s web site diary always displays a “live” diary but this involves logging onto the web. Therefore, we are offering Members an alternative way of always having a copy of an-up-to-date diary, available on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

What is this new diary?: 

The alternative diary uses the free Google Calendar, displayed within the free Google app available for Android phones, iPhones, iPads and Android pads. The diary can also be added to your existing device calendar so that all your events are visible in one place (the normal way of differentiation is by using alternative colours for each diary).

How do I obtain a copy of the new diary?:
The process of obtaining the new diary is simple and involves no expenditure and you really don’t need to be “techie” to install it.

1. Use/Obtain a Gmail account:

Many Members already have Gmail accounts, which give immediate access to a Google Calendar and, if you don’t have one, it’s a simple matter of obtaining one by clicking on the link below and filling in the form:
Click here for new Google account

2. Send your Gmail e-mail address to the Club:
Once you have obtained your e-mail account, you will need to send your name and e-mail address to MGC by filling in the form at the end of this page and pressing on the "Submit" button, after which, you will be sent an e-mail informing you that you have access to the calendar.

3. Obtain a copy of the appropriate Google Calendar app OR Sync you Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop Calendar with the MGC Diary
The next thing you need to do is to download a copy of the free Google Calendar app. The best way to do this is by clicking on the appropriate link below:

For ANDROID users (i.e. Samsung, HTC etc) Click here

For APPLE users (i.e. iPhone or iPad) Click here

For instructions on how to sync. (i.e. allow the MGC Diary to show in your personal diary) your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop calendar with the MGC Google Calendar, click on the link below:
Click here for help to sync other devices

4. Installation:
Installation of the app is very simple and you have very few questions to answer. In simple terms you can either give the app. access to just the Google Calendar or to both the Google Calendar and the other calendars that you may already have on your device.

After you have received an email confirmation from Google, stating that you have access to the Club's diary, the March Golf Club calendar will load automatically. It is as simple as that!

Finally: If you find that you are having any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to ask for help by emailing the following address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We hope that you find this facility useful.

To send your request to be added to the March Golf Club Calendar, fill in the form below and click "Submit":

Please type your FULL name below:

Please type your GOOGLE Email Address below:


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