Papworth Trophy

The winner on the day was Ray Pescud MGC
Best score over the 6 short holes (par 3’s) was Mervyn Williamson of Sutton Bridge GC
Nearest the pin on the 2nd Darryll Ladds MGC
Nearest the pin on the 6th Bill Hudson MGC
Nearest the pin in 2 on the 5th Steve Saffer Sutton Bridge GC

Seniors v Thorney

The Seniors won 3½ - 2½. Team: Bruce Frost & Chris Bateman, Alister Hopkins & Peter McAuliffe, Bill Hudson & John Taylor, Derek Wisbey & Ernie Valentine, Fred Yeulett & Ray Pescud, Fred Gordon & Alan Hall.

Seniors v Old Nene

Seniors lost 4½ – 1 ½. Team: Bruce Frost & Alister Hopkins, Derek Wisbey & Doug Lamb, John Taylor & Peter Flint, Chris Bateman & Fred Gordon, Ernie Valentine & Fred Yeulett, Bill Hudson & Sid Riches.

Seniors v Brampton

Seniors lost 0 – 6. Team: Bruce Frost & Derek Wisbey, Clive Davis & Ken Leys, Jock Finlay & John Kerby, Chris Bateman & Mike Enderby, Alan Hall & Ray Pescud, Alister Hopkins & Bill Hudson.

Seniors v Sutton Bridge

The seniors lost 1 – 5. The team were Bruce Frost & Les Forester, Fred Gordon & Fred Yeulett, Ken Leys & Ray Pescud, Alister Hopkins & Alan Hall, Graham Twist & Bill Hudson, Peter Flint & Doug Lamb

Seniors v Brampton Park

The seniors drew 3-3. Team: Bruce Frost & Fred Gordon, Les Forrester & Chris Bateman, Alister Hopkins & Fred Yeulett, Bill Hudson & Jock Findlay, Peter Flint & Doug Lamb, Derek Wisbey & John Taylor.

Seniors v Ryston Park

The seniors lost their match against Ryston on the 13th April. The team were: Bruce Frost & Alan Hall, John Farnsworth & Chris Bateman, Bill Hudson & Ray Pescud, Peter Flint & Fred Yeulett, Ron Green & John Kerby, Fred Gordon & Peter McAuliffe, John Taylor & Graham Twist.

Seniors v Ramsey

The seniors lost their match against Ramsey on the 8th April. Team: Bruce Frost & John Farnsworth, Les Forrester & Chris Bateman, Ernie Valentine & Ray Pescud, Peter Flint & John Taylor, Ron Green & Fred Yeulett, Fred Gordon & Derek Wisbey, John Kerby & Peter McAuliffe.

Seniors v Brampton

The Seniors lost in their match against Brampton. Team: Bruce Frost (Captain) & John Farnsworth, Peter Flint & Ken Leys, Les Forrester & Chris Bateman.

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