Sunrise: 08:03  Sunset: 15:45

Huit Shield

Winner:Gary Neugebauer Runner Up: James Kisby

Mixed Foursomes

Winners:Brenda Softley & Gary Wiggins
Runners Up: Sarah Oldham & Martyn Melton

Medal 23rd June

Winner of the ladies medal on the 23rd June was Emma Norman 93-21-72, second was Carolyn Morton 97-22-75.

Medal 11th June

Winner of the ladies medal on the 11th June was Pearl Moss 15-36-79, second was Fiona Woods 109-27-82.

Ladies Long Handicap

Shona Kent won the ladies Long handicap 109-29-80. Second was Pearl Moss 134-36-98.

McMillan Stableford

Winner was Victoria Collett with 31 points on c/b. 2nd Viv Snushall with 31 points.

Ladies Medal

Winner was Ros Humphrey 87-13-74, 2nd Viv Snushall 93-16-77.

Ladies Ping 4 Ball

Winner was Jean Alterton & Shona Kent with 32 points, 2nd Victoria Collett & Fiona Wood with 28 points on c/b.

Mail On Sunday

The March ladies were narrowly beaten 3 - 2 by Spalding ladies in The 4th round of the Mail on Sunday competition. Ros Humphrey, Brenda Softley, Jean Alterton, Jo Rowlett and Lydia Molyneux put up a great fight but sadly just missed out.

Coronation Foursomes

Winner of the ladies Coronation Foursomes was Carolyn Morton & Emma Norman with 26 points, 2nd was Brenda Softley & Teresa Layton with 25 points

Ladies Medal 9th April

Winner of the ladies medal on the 9th April was Jo Rowlett 85-16-69, 2nd Brenda Softley 91-17-74

Mail On Sunday

The team of Ros Humphrey, Brenda Softley, Lydia Molyneux, Jo Rowlett and Sarah Oldham defeated Ryston ladies 3 - 2 to progress to the next round of the Mail on Sunday competition.

Ladies v Brampton

MGC lost in their first friendly match against Brampton. Team: Lydia Molyneux & Maureen Pope, Gail Arnold & Celia Skidmore, Margaret Butt & Fiona Wood, Penny Gilbert & Jean McAuliffe.

Medal 24th March

1st Carolyn Morton 95 -22-73, 2nd Brenda Softley 92-17-75

Medal 12th March

Won by Pam Wallis 98-20-78, second was Ros Humphrey 92-13-79.

Mail On Sunday Knockout Competition

In a spirited performance in the first club match of the season March ladies beat the Old Nene in the Mail on Sunday Knockout Competition. The score was 3-2 to March. A sterling performance from the team: Ros Humphries, Brenda Softley, Jean Alterton, Jo Rowlett and Sarah Oldham. It was a closely fought and competitive match played away at the Old Nene.

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