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March Golf Club v Ely City - Men's Match - Away

March Golf Club played Ely City Golf Club in a Men's friendly match on Thursday the 30th August. March lost 3½ matches to ½. The March team was Stephen Layton (Captain) & Albert Garner (halved), Cliff Jones & Pete Ridgway (lost), James Lightfoot & Gary Morgan(lost), Graham Morris & Alan Yorke (lost).

March Golf Club v Ely City GC - Mixed Match (Home)

In the last inter-club mixed friendly match of the season, March played Ely City on Friday the 21st September. Despite a dull and wet day, the twenty four players who took part had a really enjoyable afternoon and evening. The match was concluded by an excellent meal of Lamb followed by trifle and coffee. The winners of the match were Ely City (2½:3½). The Teams: The Captain & Lady Captain lost 3&2, Cliff Jones & Mrs J Jones lost 3&2, John Saywell & Mrs B Softley lost 4&2, Terry Softley & Mrs Penny Gilbert won 5&4, Dave Bromley & Mrs M Bromley halved, Derek Rowlett & Mrs V Snushall won 3&2

Mixed Foursomes Final

In the final of the Mixed Foursomes competition, Stephen Layton & Mrs Teresa Layton were thoroughly beaten by Mr Derek Rowlett & Mrs Jo Rowlett 7&5.

March Golf Club v Ramsey - Men's Match - Away

March Golf Club played Ramsey Golf Club in a Men's friendly match on Wednesday the 8th August. March lost 3 matches to 1. The March team was Stephen Layton (Captain) & Pete Ridgway (won 2&1), Cliff Jones & John Peckett (lost 4&3), Chris Hodson & Albert Garner (lost 2&1), Dave Henchley & Gary Neugebauer (lost 5&3).

March Golf Club v Ramsey - Mixed Match (Home)

March Golf Club played Ramsey Golf Club in a mixed match on Sunday the 5th August. March won 4 matches to 2. The March team was Stephen Layton (Captain) & Brenda Softley (won 3&2), Terry Softley & Teresa Layton (won 4&3), Lui Graziano & Glen Jones (halved), Chris Elliot & Penny Gilbert (halved), Albert Garner & Jan Atkin-Garner (halved) and Dave Bromley & Maureen Bromley (halved).

March Golf Club v Spalding (Away) - 30th July:

March Golf Club played Spalding Golf Club in a Mens' Friendly match on Monday the 30th July. March lost 1 & 5. The March team were; Stephen Layton (Captain) & Fred Gordon (lost 2&1), Terry Softley & Cliff Jones (lost 4&2), Graham Morris & John Peckett (lost 4&3), Ken Pope & Steve Campbell (lost 6&5), Pete Ridgeway and James Lightfoot (lost 1 down) and Nick Carter & Graham Lockwood (won 1 up).

Mixed Match - March Golf Club v Sutton Bridge (Home) - 1st July:

March won 5 & 1. Results:
Stephen Layton (Captain) & Mrs Teresa Layton (Lady Captain) (lost 3&2)
Cliff Jones & Mrs June Jones (won 3&1)
John Saywell & Mrs Viv Snushall (won 2 up)
Atholl Robertson and Mrs Anna Robertson (won 2&1)
Ken Pope and Mrs Maureen Pope (won 5&4)
Nick Carter and Mrs Penny Gilbert (won 5&4)

March Golf Club v Brampton (Home) - 14th June:

March Golf Club played Brampton Golf Club in a Mens' Friendly match on Thursday the 14th June. March lost 1½ & 2½. The March team were; Stephen Layton (Captain) & Terry Softley (won 3&2), Cliff Jones & Graham Morris (halved), Derek Rowlett & Steve Campbell (lost 5&4) and Dave Henchley and Allan Yorke (lost 3&2)

Papworth Salvers Mixed Competition:

Papworth Salvers 2012_2The 2012 Papworth Salvers Competition was held on the 13th June. The winners were:
Stephen Layton (Captain) & Glenis Jones - 32 points OCB
2nd Nick Carter & Jo Rowlett - 32 points
3rd Ken Pope & Teresa Layton (Lady Captain) - 30 points

March Golf Club v Spalding (Home)

Match at home to Spalding Golf Club on Monday the 28th May. The match was halved. Team: Stephen Layton (Captain) & Fred Gordon halved, Cliff Jones & Terry Softley lost 1 down, Norman Topliss & Lui Graziano lost 3&1 Nigel Goude & David Ayres won 1 up Pete Ridgway and Steve Parrish won 4&2 and Nick Carter and Paul Emmington

Jock Stewart Memorial Trophy - Round 3

Match at home to Orton Meadows held on Sunday the 28th May. March lost 2&1. Team: Stan Dunn and Andy Parsonage lost 2&1, John Saywell and Peter Ridgway won 2&1 and Stephen Layton (Captain) & Mark Westbrook lost 3&2

March Golf Club v Girton (Away)

Match away to Girton Golf Club on Thursday 17th May. Girton Won 3&1. Team: Stephen Layton (Captain) & Alan Lambert lost 1 down, Cliff Jones & Graham Morris lost 7&6, Maurice Wiles & Ken Pope lost 4&3, Pete Ridgway & Dave Henchley won 2&1

March Golf Club v Ryston Park (Mixed Match - Away)

Mixed match away to Ryston Park Golf Club on Sunday 13th May. Match halved. Team: Stephen Layton (Captain) & Mrs B Softley won 2up, Phil Softley & Mrs T Layton won 2up, Terry Softley and Mrs V Snushall halved, Atholl Robertson and Mrs A Robertson lost, Chris Elliot and Mrs G Jones halved and Martyn Melton and Mrs P Gilbert lost 4&3

March Golf Club v Menzies (Away)

Match against Menzies Golf Club on Tuesday 8th May. Menzies won 3 - 1. Team: Stephen Layton (Captain) & Graham Morris lost 3&2, Cliff Jones & Terry Softley lost 5&4, Chris Elliot and Dave Henchley lost 6&4 and Phil Softley and Paul Turner won 2&1.

March Golf Club v Lakeside (Away)

The March team for the away match at Lakeside was Captained by club vice-captain Cliff Jones and consisted of Cliff Jones & Graham Morris, Pete Ridgway & Paul Turner, Phil Softley & Dave Bromley, Chris Hodson & Charlie Dickson and Gary Neugebauer & Lewis Ogden.  The March team won 3½:1½. The Vice-Captain praised his team and commented on the excellent condition of the fairways and greens.

Captain's Four Ball Competition:

Captain's Four Ball 2012_1The 2012 Captain's Four Ball competition was held on Saturday the 31st March on a somewhat cloudy day following a glorious week of sunshine. The winners of the competition were Alan Jones and David Harrison with 41 points. Fresh scones with cream and jam were provided by the Captain an served by the Lady Captain and Vice-Captain's wife.

March Golf Club v St Ives GC - Mixed MAtch (Away)

On an April day when all four seasons were experienced within the period of a round of golf, sixteen pairs from March and St Ives took on the inland links course at St Ives in the midst of strong winds, hail, rain, bitterly cold temperatures and, at times short periods of sunshine. The match was followed by an excellent meal in the clubhouse (in which all players were relieved to find refuge). Despite the weather, a good day was had by both teams. The March team was: The Captain and Mrs J Rowlett, Mark Crawley and the Lady Captain, Derek Rowlett and Mrs B Softley, Paul Corney and Mrs G Jones, Terry Softley and Mrs P Gilbert, Chris Elliot and Mrs V Snushall, Ken Pope and Mrs M Pope, Atholl Robertson and Mrs A Robertson. The match was drawn.

Friendly Match v Sutton Bridge:

March Golf Club played Sutton Bridge Golf Club in a friendly match on Wednesday the 28th March. Six pairs from each team played in a four ball better ball match-play format, where Sutton Bridge were the winning team by 3 1/2 to 2 1/2 games. Club Captain, Stephen Layton congratulated the Sutton Bridge team and thanked his own team's valiant performance. A most enjoyable afternoon and evening was had by all players. Stephen Layton & Chris Bateman: A/S, Cliff Jones & Graham Morris: Lost 1 down, Terry Softley & Brian Painter: won 1 up, Graham Weland & John Peckett: lost 2 down, Phil Softley & Albert Garner: won 1 up, Mark Westbrook & Pete Ridgway: lost 3 & 2.

Jock Stewart Memorial Trophy 2012:

The March team of Andy Parsonage, Stan Dunn, John Saywell, Paul Corney, Mark Westbrook and Club Captain, Stephen Layton beat the Cambridge Club 2 & 1 away at the Longstanton Course in the first round of the Jock Stewart Memorial Trophy.

Despite a dull and showery day, the Cambridge Club offered March members generous hospitality and were thank accordingly by the Club Captain.

Andy Parsonage and Stan Dunn won 5 & 4, John Saywell and Paul Corney lost 7 & 5 and Mark Westbrook and Stephen Layton won 7 & 6.

Mail On Sunday Competition:

Mail on Sunday 2012Having been given a bye in the first round of the Mail On Sunday competition, the second round was played at Greetham Valley on March the 3rd.

After eighteen holes, the team of Mark Crawley, Les Forrester, Steve Parrish, Andy Parsonage and Nick Carter halved the match and Nick and Matt Williams (Greetham Valley) went down the nineteenth hole. Unfortunately, after a hard fought and competitive match, the team lost the match. Club Captain, Stephen Layton, wished Greetham Valley every success in the next round and was full of admiration for the March team's outstanding performance.

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